Boot Resoling: A Guide

“where can I get a good resole done on my boots?”

Is probably the most common question we get asked from customers, and a good question it is.

If you are buying or have bought a good pair of shoes or boots that you have or intend to keep and wear for the duration then at some point you are likely to need a resole, unless maybe you don’t venture out on hard surfaces or keep your footwear on the mantle. We’ve heard stories.

If you are reading this or have looked into the shoes or boots you have bought prior to purchase you will most likely know or have an idea about how they have been constructed, be it either Goodyear welted, stitch down, Blake stitched or cemented. If you don’t recognise any of these methods then please get in touch and send a picture of your boots so we can help you out.

The majority of the boots we stock are either stitch down constructed or Goodyear welted which means they are good for a number of resoles. The only issue being that to get a resole done by the manufacturer you would have to send them back (at present) to the US or Japan as that is where most of our brands are from (we can help you with this of course).

We are pretty sure you have a number of local shoe repairers or cobblers but like us I’m sure you would like the job done correctly and almost as important, with a nice finish as close to the original as possible. Not easy to find.

Well, to start with there’s a chap in London by the name of Felix Jouanneau who might be able to help. He does some fine work. We will be adding a more in depth post on Felix very soon. His contact details along with some other recommendations further a field in Europe will also be available in the “useful information” section of the website soon as well as a lot more information on boot construction methods and boot care. We will also be adding some select leather/ boot care products to the shop soon.

For now, any questions please just ask.

Thanks for reading.