Attractions Biltbuck Lot 380 Stallion Jacket – Black Horsehide

by Attractions


Attractions Biltbuck Lot 380 Stallion Jacket – Black Horsehide


The Stallion jacket from Attractions Biltbuck label is an out an out 1930’s styled single sports jacket in a horsehide that has been chosen to really replicate the vintage crinkly styled horsehide jackets of the time. It’s a beauty!

The leather is a substantial but very pliable (not to stiff at all) vegetable tanned Italian horsehide that feels mid weight, solid but pliable and will not box you in until broken in, movement is easy from the get go. It is hand dyed, supposedly Black but more of a very rich dark brown. The leather grain is lovely and for us the perfect amount of grain to really represent vintage repro styled horsehide jackets of the 30’s onwards. The grain will exaggerate overtime and develop some great character, rolls in the sleeves and patina.

In terms of fit, it’s classic. Very well proportioned all over, not too boxy or tailored slim looking. Maybe slightly narrower in the shoulder than some for this style but that also gives it a slightly smarter silhouette. For reference Mr model is 5Ft 11″ on a good day, circa 83- 85 KG’s, long in the torso with a fairly wide chest/back and average shoulders and wears a size 40. He could comfortably have worn a medium weight shirt/ thicker layer underneath with ease (take a look at the sizing info) but for heavier layering he would need to go up a size if he would like to move his arms North.

When the creases have set in and this jacket shapes to you, it is going to look fantastic.

It is a fairly simple, clean finish jacket with slit hand warmer pockets, under arm vents, wool and nylon lining, wool inner pocket, cotton sleeve lining, original Biltbuck Beryllium thinner side-buckles and a Waldes hookless zipper (you get used to it quickly).

The finish, as is to be expected from Attracions. Very neat, solid, well aligned and made to last.

This is a lifetime jacket and when the creases have set in and it shapes to you, it is going to look fantastic and stay that way for a very long time. Enjoy!

Take a look at the sizing tabs for measurements and more advice on sizing.

The lot 380 stallion jacket fit’s very similar (a tad smaller maybe) to traditional Western sizes and is well proportioned throughout. The “model” is wearing a 40 and it is perfect fitting with medium to thinner layers, a flannel at thickest otherwise he’d struggle to move with ease. He has a wide upper back and so it can feel restrictive here in more layers. When wearing heavy sweaters/ a few layers he’d need to size up to a 42.

The model generally takes a medium-large/ 16 / 38-40 in most Western sized tops, shirts and jackets.

He is 5ft 10-11″ tall (179 cm), medium build/ wide chest/ mid back, average shoulders and weighing in at roughly 83 KG.

Thicker leather jackets, particularly horsehide tend to crease up and shape the the wearer more permanently than softer thinner leathers so advice would be to always oversize slightly, similar to the model and it will shape to your body better without feeling restrictive.

Please see how we measure our products here and compare the measurements chart for this item against an item of yours that fits how you would like this to. Bear in mind that a horsehide jacket less pliable and giving than many fabric or soft leather jackets you may own so for ease of movement you might want to go for the larger size if on the fence.

Please do also get in touch with any questions you may have, we’re always happy to hear from customers.

Size: 40 42 44 46
Chest: 55 57 59 61
Shoulder: 45 47.5 49.5 52.5
Back: 62 64 66 68.5
Arm: 63 64 65 66