Addict Clothes

Addict Clothes Japan is a brand that was created by Satoshi Ishijima through his passion for the well made and his love of all things vintage. His strap line “made like in the good old day’s” is something you can really feel when you handle what he makes.

Satoshi started with a shop in 2006 mostly specialising in vintage British leather biker jackets and soon went on to develop his own line of British inspired leather jackets in 2010. He wanted to be able to offer new versions of the great classics with his own twist on the originals and in leathers that were perfect for the task. Success ensued and since this time he has continued to develop Addict by branching into solid made clothing to compliment the biker aesthetic of his jackets under the ACVM line.

Addict offers a great all round package as a clothing brand and you can tell that every item is very well thought out from cut, materials and how they are crafted.

We have been very impressed by them and are really pleased to be one of the rare stockists outside of Japan.