Vintage Works

Vintage Works are master belt makers. That’s all they make and they make them very well.

Vintage Works has been making belts in house with very few craftsmen in Shibuya, Tokyo for over 30 years. Unlike many belt makers, Vintage Works dye the straps after they have been cut, bevelled and punched which is a more time consuming process but one which yields their truly unique look and feel so that, although the same in style, every belt has individual character from the dyeing process. The Lot number is the number of belts produced to date so you know what number in the companies production yours is. Nice touch.

We have admired them from afar for a good while, then received the DH5738 (love this belt) from them and immediately placed our order to become a stockist. They are great characterful belts, well made and original. We hope you like them as much as we do.