Truman Boot Co – Java Waxed Flesh

by Truman Boot Co

Truman Boot Co – Java Waxed Flesh

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From Truman Boot Co comes this classic of a boot. It’s a very popular style for Truman and one of their best selling long term leathers but we made some changes that make it look more aggressive whilst keeping it stylish and easy to wear.

We specified a double leather midsole and a heavy duty Vibram 430 half sole to give them that clean leather sole look whilst having the security underfoot of a solid durable traction unit. We also specified a slight woodsman/ cuban heel for a nod to old school work boots and for the fact that we feel it looks great and comfortable to walk on when the sole is built up.

The Java Waxed Flesh leather is just great. It’s a rough out heavy weight cowhide that is heavily waxed which, when worn for a good while, starts to show signs of the rough out mid Brown popping through and looks superb. You can always re-wax them. There are some great examples of how they age online if you have a search.

The details include:

  • Java Waxed Flesh Cowhide
  • Toe Cap
  • Leather lined
  • Antique brass hooks & eyes
  • Stitch down construction
  • Pull tab
  • Structured/ celastic toe box
  • Double leather mid sole
  • Durable Vibram 430 half sole
  • Slight logger heel
  • Spare leather laces included
  • Made in the USA
  • See size guide

These boots are comfortable, very solid in look and construction and make you feel very sure footed when worn.

The Truman Boot last has changed since the first run we did and it is a great improvement. The internal shape feels very easy to wear immediately, there is more support in the arch and the area above the top of the foot/ toes is a bit more roomy also so they don’t feel so tight in width and volume. They have a nice slim waist, not too wide a heel and plenty of toe wiggle room. A great fit.

The Boots are listed in US sizes and a Truman US 8 for example is very similar in fit too:

White’s Semi Dress Boots: 8 US (D-E width)

John Lofgren Engineers & DP’s: 8 US

John Lofgren M43 & Chukka Boots: 8.5 US

Viberg 2030 last: 8 (The Vibergs will look longer but feel similar)

Trickers: 8 UK

Red Wing: 8.5 – 9 US dependent on model

We have a lot of experience with a range of branded shoes and boots and fully understand how difficult it can be to size from a far so please do get in touch with any questions you may have and we will do our best to assist in getting the right size. We’ve got good success rates!