Viberg Service Boots – Toscanello Horse TPR

by Viberg


Viberg Service Boots – Toscanello Horse TPR


The Viberg Service Boot has been going for a very long time, it is still their best selling style and the main reason for that is the word style. They have it in abundance. Viberg boots really do have that something special about them. It is a mix of their lasts, that have handsome and curvy silhouettes, the superb leather choices and a little bit of je ne sais quoi (I don’t know) but whatever it is the Service Boot has it and will be your daily boots for dress up or down for a long time to come.

These Service Boots are on Vibergs popular 2030 last. It is a sleek shape but again not overly so. It has a low profile, almond/ rounded shaped toe, medium width mid foot and heel and is very accommodating for a variety of foot shapes. It is a handsome looking last that can easily be worn with looser or more tapered bottoms without looking off at all.

The Toscanello Horse leather from Maryam (Italy) is a beautiful leather, has the same quality feel as shell but feels thicker and has a very high end feel/ lustre. It gives the boots a very high end smart parade/ work boot appeal that will look great with jeans and trousers alike for decades to come.

Construction & finish: The best materials and construction methods have been used in these boots to withstand what they were made for, just see the DETAILS tab. The finish is great, even trim with a nice trimmed in waist.

Please see the size guide tab for sizing breakdown.

  • Maryam Toscanello Horse TPR (Italy)
  • 2030 last
  • Stitchdown construction
  • Oak bark tanned heavy midsole
  • Ridgeway Brown Outer-sole
  • 9 brass eyelets/ hooks
  • Padded leather insole
  • 2 sets of laces, bags, cloth & cream included
  • Viberg/ UK Sized (please see sizing guide)
  • D – E Width
  • Made in Canada

The Viberg 2030 Service Boot is listed in Vibergs own sizing which is very similar to standard UK sizing. The 2030 last fits very similar to other Viberg lasts. It is fairly standard, medium width in the heel and waist with a slight almond/ taper to the toe’s but with plenty of wiggle room. The fit is very similar to UK sizing and can be compared as per the below:

Viberg Size 8 (UK 8, EU 42) is very similar in length and width overall to:

White’s Semi Dress: 8

White’s Smoke Jumper: 7.5 D

White’s Semi Dress: 8 D

John Lofgren Engineers: 8-8.5

JL M43: 8

JL Donkey Puncher: 7.5

JL  Chukka: 8.5 (8 is more comparable in length but these fit very close/ tighter)

Red Wing Iron Ranger: 8.5 US (7.5 UK)

Truman Boots (updated last): 8.5

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen/ Stan last: 7.5-8 US

Trickers (and majority of British brands): 7.5-8 G/F

Please get in touch with any sizing questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you in as much depth as we can to get your sizing right. We have experience with a number of UK, European, Japanese and USA made branded shoes/ boots to help with comparisons and can take any measurements you may need.