White’s 350 Cutter Boots – Black Chromexcel

by White's Boots

White’s 350 Cutter Boots – Black Chromexcel

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The Cutter boots are a shorter Smoke Jumper made on the very accommodating lower profile and very comfortable Semi Dress last. We wanted a slightly sleeker, easier on and off boot that still had that unmistakable Smoke Jumper aesthetic. We got it. The Chromexcel from Horween leather is heavy weight and ages beautifully and is a step up from a lot of the CXL you will find out there. These are solid boots.

The Original Smoke Jumper Boots by White’s were designed for and are still worn by the woodland firefighters of the US North West. Built with the very best components to withstand the harshest of environments whilst offering the wearer maximum support and comfort they are the ultimate work boot and fully rebuildable to offer lifetime companionship.

Construction: Every pair of White’s boots are handmade from start to finish. All leather, no synthetic materials or fillers are used. Stitch-down construction for strength, comfort and ability to resole. Stitched throughout with heavy gauge waxed thread. Flexible oak tanned leather mid soles, optional Vibram outer soles, strong all-leather shank custom shaped to fit your foot and the finest leather uppers that will only get better with age all make White’s a real workhorse of a boot.

  • 6″ height
  • Semi Dress last (#55)
  • Black CXL Leather
  • Double row stitch down welted construction
  • Celastic/ structured toe box
  • Natural edged single leather mid-sole
  • Vibram mini lug full sole
  • Solid Antique hooks & eyes
  • Classic woodsman heel
  • Two sets of laces and matching false tongues (Kilties) included
  • D width fitting

The 350 Cutters/ Smoke Jumpers are made on the Semi Dress last but due to them being lace to toe they feel slightly looser for thicker socks. An 8 in this boot feels like a roomy/ generous UK 8. Please see our recent guide here for more detailed information and comparisons.

White’s are sized in US sizes but generally fit quite true to UK sizing, so a 9US is a very similar fit to a true UK size 9 (EU 43). The majority of White’s boots stocked are in a D width fitting which is the US average and comparable to a UK G/F. They have plenty of toe wiggle room and are snug (as they should be) through the rest of the boot.

Please get in touch with any sizing questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you in as much depth as we can to get your sizing right. We have experience with a number of UK, European, Japanese and USA made branded shoes/ boots to help with comparisons and can take any measurements you may need.