White’s Semi Dress Boots – Brown Chromexcel – C Width

by White's Boots

White’s Semi Dress Boots – Brown Chromexcel – C Width

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A classic Semi Dress boot but this time made on the swing last. The swing last is a munson type that offers a slim shapely heel and waist that is slightly wider and angled in the toe. It is classed as a military last and is very very comfortable to wear with plenty of wiggle room in the toe. There is still plenty of White’s patented Arch Ease support underfoot. We also opted for a single row of welt stitching, all eyelets, soft toe and a Vibram 269 outer sole with the aim of offering a low profile slightly sleeker looking Semi Dress boot with plenty of toe wiggle room. It worked. Really pleased with them.

White’s Semi-Dress boots have the same superb qualities as shared by all White’s work styled boots in a slightly simpler style for everyday and/ or every-evening wear! Often slightly less rugged in appearance than the Smoke-Jumpers but built to last all the same.

Every pair of White’s work boots are individually hand crafted from start to finish and are made to withstand the toughest of environments.

Construction: All leather, no synthetic materials or fillers are used. Stitch-down construction for strength, comfort and ability to resole. Stitched throughout with heavy gauge waxed thread. Flexible oak tanned leather mid soles, optional Vibram outer soles, strong all-leather shank custom shaped to fit your foot and the finest leather uppers that will only get better with age makes White’s a real work horse of a boot.

  • 5″ height
  • Swing Last (munson style)
  • Brown Chromexcel leather
  • Leather lined toe/ lower foot
  • Single row stitch down welted construction
  • Low profile no celastic toe/ soft toe
  • Brown edge single Oak tanned mid-sole
  • Solid antique eyelets
  • Standard height logger heel
  • Vibram 269 western outersole
  • C width fitting
  • Made in the USA

The swing last is a munson (military) last which is quite shapely in the waist and has a wider toe box. We opted for a C width so that you still get a slim looking boot with enough toe wiggle room. They do fit quite slim compared to other White’s lasts but will give and conform to your foot with wear particularly as the CXL leather is so pliable. We would recommend sizing up a half size from your usual White’s size.

A size 8 in the swing last C width is comparable to the below in width:

John Lofgren Engineers: 7.5

John Lofgren M43: 7.5

White’s Semi Dress (55 last): 7.5 D

Red Wing (majority of styles): 8-8.5 US

Viberg 2030 last: 7.5 (Viberg boot sizing)

White’s are sized in US sizes but generally fit quite true to UK sizing, so a 9US is a very similar fit to true UK size 9 (EU 43). The majority of our White’s boots are in a D width fitting which is the US average and comparable to a UK G/F. They have plenty of toe wiggle room and are snug (as they should be) through the rest of the boot.

Please contact us here with any sizing questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you in as much depth as we can to get your sizing right. We have experience with a number of UK, European, Japanese and USA made branded shoes/ boots to help with comparisons and can take any measurements you may need.