by Y'2 Leather




The KB-140-T jacket from Y’2 Leather is a rare and difficult to produce beauty! This stripped back blank canvas will be your story jacket quickly showing the journey it has taken from almost un-dyed to rich persimmon patina.

Where to start?

The Horsehide itself is around 1.5mm thickness so it is heavier weight, slightly stiff on first try but will shape and soften in very little time. It’s a great year round weight for one or many layers. The stand out aspect of this jacket (besides it’s general beauty) is the Kakishibu persimmon tanning. In short, the un-dyed natural horsehide is tanned with aged persimmons, a completely natural tanning process (ecologically good) that is a long and hard process to master. The persimmon dye makes the leather highly photosensitive (Kakishibu can be interpreted as sun dye) so what is now a very light tan colour (hard to capture in the images) will quite rapidly develop into a darker tan/ persimmon colour, particularly in areas exposed to daylight. Due to the tanning process no two jackets will be the same and all will come with some evidence (always subtle) of the hide itself in it’s natural state (small scuffs and marks) and the tanning process. We have detailed any visible marks/ colouring on the size 42 as an example. It’s very subtle but they will be there and do not detract and will blend over time.

It’s a great fitting jacket and one that feels and looks great layered up or down. It is well proportioned all over with a not to modern/ tight fitting upper body and sleeves, a straight cut down to the hem and a back length that doesn’t make it look like a crop top. For reference Mr model is 5Ft 11″ on a good day, circa 84 KG’s, long in the torso with a fairly wide chest/ mid back and wears a size 42. He could comfortably have worn a flannel shirt/ thicker layer underneath with ease (take a look at the sizing info). The best description would be a jacket that fits and looks great in the right size that is not restrictive for arm and shoulder movement and that doesn’t look oversized. Hard to find!

There are details galore donut buttons, one external riveted pocket, 2 internal leather matching trimmed pockets, Green drill lined with leather facing trim throughout. It comes supplied with Y’2 branded quality jacket hanger and branded coat bag.

The finish, as is to be expected form a company that specialise in leather jackets from Japan, great. Very neat and all well aligned.

This is a lifetime jacket that will look and feel superb the more you wear it. Enjoy!

The KB-140-T jacket fit’s just slightly smaller than traditional Western sizes but is well proportioned throughout. The “model” is wearing a 42 and it is perfect fitting, not oversized, not restrictive, could comfortably wear just a t-shirt or layer up with a thicker sweater/ flannel. He generally takes a medium-large/ 16 / 38-40 in most Western sized tops, shirts and jackets.

He is 5ft 10-11″ tall (180 cm), medium build/ large chest and mid back, weighing in at roughly 84 KG.

Thicker leather jackets, particularly horsehide like this tend to crease up and shape the the wearer more permanently than softer thinner leathers so advice would be to always oversize slightly, similar to the model and it will shape to your body better without feeling restrictive.

Please see how we measure our products here and compare the measurements chart for this item against an item of yours that fits how you would like this to. Bear in mind that a horsehide jacket less pliable and giving than many fabric or soft leather jackets you may own so for ease of movement you might want to go for the larger size if on the fence.

Please do also get in touch with any questions you may have, we’re always happy to hear from customers.

Size: 38 40 42 44
Chest: 53.5 55 57 59
Shoulder: 43 45.5 48.5 49
Back: 62 63.5 65 65
Arm: 63 65 65 65


Measurements are in CM’s