Clinch Graham Boots – Embossed French Kip Leather

by Clinch Boots


Clinch Graham Boots – Embossed French Kip Leather


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The Clinch Graham Boots as with all of their boots are great examples of extremes. In a very good way. With all of the makers we stock it would be very difficult to criticise what they produce within their price range as they all have their merits and benefits and that is why we stock them. Clinch are no different in that sense because what you see is a beautiful and charming pair of boots but what you feel and notice when in hand is all the thought, patience and work that has gone into them.

In terms of delivering what the boot connoisseur appreciates in the “workboot/ real boots” marketplace, Clinch boots really do tick all the boxes. They represent the best of the best in small ethical production, all hand made, old world construction, art, beauty and superior materials. Hand: cut, sewn (upper, insole & welt), soaked, lasted, nailed, sanded and trimmed all in a small workshop in Tokyo.

The lasts are truly original, very handsome and angular/ chiselled and shaped like pre war dress boots but due to the toe shape, materials and construction methods they have a more masculine and slightly dressy-workboot appearance. The Graham boots in particular have a real classic parade boot aesthetic. The lasts are made from carved wood like how they used to be before the day’s of mass production.

Wooden lasts also mean the boots can only be constructed through hand welting which is a very time consuming and exacting process but also one which can offer unrivalled fit after break in and a truly personal and unique finish.

Clinch are extremely particular about all aspects of their boots and sourcing of the right materials has been and is just as detailed and time consuming as the making. The majority of components are sourced from Japan whereas the leathers have been carefully selected from specific specialist tanners around the World. The French Calf grained leather used for the Graham boots feels very hard wearing and yet very supple, lighter in weight than many cow and horse hides but also feels very resilient. Examples we have seen show that it will crease and age to perfection.

Sizing: Please see the sizing tab for full details.

The Clinch Graham boots are on their MR last and have a very sculpted fit. The area highlighted in the pictures is where they are at their slimmest/ lowest. It really adds to their style and charm but if you have wider or thicker/ meaty feet in the ball area and/ or just behind they will feel too tight there. The leather is not a stretchy/ immediately pliable leather either so break in in that area will take time. The fit when on though is fantastic, your foot feels cupped, nicely supported and with plenty of toe wiggle room as they have good width and height in the toe box.

Clinch boots are sized this way: 8.5 UK – 9 US – 10 Clinch Size. The 9 US in length (width is different in the area mentioned) feels very similar to:

Viberg 2030: 8

White’s Semi Dress: 8

White’s Smoke Jumper: 7.5

John Lofgren Engineers: 8

JL M43: 8

JL Donkey Puncher: 7.5

JL  Chukka: 8.5 (8 is more comparable in length but these fit very close/ tighter)

Red Wing Iron Ranger: 8.5 US (7.5 UK)

Truman Boots (updated last): 8.5

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen/ Stan last: 7.5 US

Trickers (and majority of British brands): 7.5-8 G/F

Please get in touch with any sizing questions you may have. We will do our very best to assist you in as much depth as we can to get your sizing right. We have experience with a number of UK, European, Japanese and USA made branded shoes/ boots to help with comparisons and can take any measurements you may need.