Makers UMOCCA Boots – Cordovan #4

by Makers Shoes


Makers UMOCCA Boots – Cordovan #4


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A beautiful pattern, last, balance, finish and leather make up the UMOCCA boots from Makers. They are stunning everyday smart and casual boots that we are very impressed with. The look and feel great, are extremely versatile, comfortable and will be a prize in your footwear line up!

The Last: Is a good versatile fit for many a foot shape. The last looks like it is going to be small/ slim fitting but it feels great and very accommodating for average to slightly wider feet. The toe tapers so we recommend sizing up a half for wide/ splayed toes. They are very shapely in the heel and mid foot to ball area and taper to a smart/ casual almond shaped toe so can comfortably be dressed up or down with ease. They’ve got a lovely shape with some curve to the insole for added support and comfort.

The Leather: Wow! Horweens #4 Cordovan is stunning and will age fantastically. It is very hard to capture it’s depth in pictures or how it feels but it is about the best leather money can buy for boots and ages with lovely rolls and depth of colour. Cordovan develops the nicest of patinas as the leather looks more refined and classy with wear. Take a look here to see more on Cordovan leather and why it is so revered within the shoe making world. Beautiful stuff.

Construction: Is stunning! They are Goodyear flat welted and it has been carried out to perfection. They are so very very neat. The Stitching is neat and very intricate, the trim and finish are equal and very neat also and just look and feel extremely well made and balanced. Great for those that love the near perfect. The pattern of the UMOCCA really does flow nicely for upper to Moc toe and is so well balanced.

The UMOCCA boots are original, very comfortable and luxury and feel that will last a very long time and look better and better for it.

Made in Japan, see the details and sizing info for more information.


  • Horween #4 Cordovan
  • Goodyear flat welt construction
  • Oak bark tanned heavy midsole
  • Leather short stacked heel
  • Vibram half sole
  • Biltrite heel
  • Padded full leather insole
  • Glove leather lined
  • D Width
  • Made in Japan
  • US sized but see sizing info

The UMOCCA are another versatile fitting boot. Slim to normal (D) in the heel, shaped but not tight at the instep with a good/ standard – wide width at the ball towards the toe which tapers to a more almond shape toe. If you have wide/ splayed toes, go a half size up from the below and they will not feel big elsewhere, they are a very flexible fit.

They are quite standard for US sized Japanese made boots and an 8 US in the UMOCCA boots feels quite similar to the below.

Viberg 1035 & 2030: 7.5 – 8 (in between)

White’s Semi Dress: 7.5 – 8 D (in between)

White’s Smoke Jumper 4811 last: 7.5 D

John Lofgren Engineers: 8 US (less volume than these)

JL M43: 8 US

JL Donkey Puncher: 7.5 US (less volume, more toe taper)

JL  Combats: 8 US (toes more tapered)

Red Wing Iron Ranger: 8.5 US (7.5  UK)

Truman Boots (updated last): 8 – 8.5 US

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen/ Stan last: 7.5 US

Trickers (and majority of British brands): 7.5-8 G/F

Please get in touch with any sizing questions you may have. We will do our best to assist you in as much depth as we can to get your sizing right. We have experience with a number of UK, European, Japanese and USA made branded shoes/ boots to help with comparisons and can take any measurements you may need.